How To Construct A Brick Patio

Expert Tips From The Professional Masonry Contractor

Patio pavers can be a great method to set-up an outdoor living space location. They are durable and can last for many years. In addition, they can be produced in many designs, textures, and shades to match any taste. Below are some brief tips on employing this material provided by a reliable masonry contractor.

Select and prepare

Before you start the project itself, you should look for a suitable location in your yard or garden. Keep in mind that pavers can be arranged in a number of patterns and can also fit into small spaces. This enables you to be more flexible in the selection of location.

Check and install

You need to check the soil density before you can place the foundation. This will determine if the soil can support the weight of the pavers and if needed to reinforce it. If reinforcement is needed install a masonry contractor geotextile layer. After you have inspected the foundation use a gravel base about four to six inches deep. Make sure you have compacted it tightly.

Install the pavers, fill up the cracks and clean

Once you have the base ready you should move to set up the pavers. Choose whatever style, design, texture, and colors you like. A sensible way to discover some ideas would be to browse the Internet. After you have set up the pavers, pour sand to fill the cracks between them and keep them in place. Clean the region once you are done.

Patio pavers certainly are a great way to create a patio. They are ideal for DIY projects because they are simple to install. They also could be made into a number of styles. If you want to learn how to construct a brick patio using such materials, contact a professional masonry contractor such as for example BC Masonry in Howell, NJ.